"What's the Scoop"?

Rainbow Italian Ice is an Oakland, California based Italian Ice marketing company, founded in 2005.  
Our Italian Ice is a gourmet, water-based,  
dairy-free, fat free, cholesterol free, frozen delicacy of
many flavors, including 2 Sugar-free flavors.  IT IS NOT SHAVED ICE, GELATO OR ICE CREAM.  Rainbow
Italian Ice is made with time-honored recipes, blended in a special freeze machine to a smooth
"creamy-like" consistency - often mistaken for gelato or ice cream.  


Once you have tasted Rainbow Italian Ice, you will know why it is a healthy, tasty alternative.  
Italian Ice products have been very popular on the east coast and places like Chicago, for many years.   
Real Italian Ice is relatively scarce in the California market…but Rainbow Italian Ice is rapidly gaining
popularity and brand recognition through marketing at festivals, concerts, parties, and a variety of public
and private events throughout Northern California.

As a mobile vendor, Rainbow Italian Ice is real "cool" value for the price.  At most events, customers
line up at our
carts to be served hearty scoops of Rainbow Italian Ice in a cup, with a spoon and a smile!  
Because Rainbow Italian Ice is hand-scooped frozen, it typically can be enjoyed a lot longer than shaved
ice and many vended ice cream products.  It is always scooped and served directly from the freezer.  Quite
simple.  We have many delicious flavors available to please your palate!

Rainbow Italian Ice is also available in a tiddy, 10 oz. package in 3 flavors!  
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Bringin' the Flavor...Not the Fat!